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At St Peter and St Paul, we believe the acquisition of good literacy skills is of utmost importance to all pupils.  We believe that a sound understanding and knowledge of literacy, not only enables a child to develop as an individual, but also to access the curriculum as a whole.

We encourage and value the involvement of parents and the wider community in our children’s literacy learning. We communicate regularly with parents and carers and encourage you to support your child’s learning in various ways. We encourage learning beyond the classroom by sending home activities such as reading, spelling and handwriting for you to support your child. 

The school benefits from a rich programme of book-related events over the academic year.


Children are given opportunities to write for a wide range of purposes, not only within specific literacy lessons, but across the curriculum.  Children develop their understanding of a range of text types and how to write in a variety of forms. They are encouraged to develop their skills in spelling and handwriting and to redraft and improve their writing.


Here at St Peter and St Paul, we are very proud of our pupil’s handwriting and take particular care in our cursive/joined-up handwriting style. We aim for our pupils to develop a neat, legible, speedy handwriting style using continuous cursive letters that leads to producing letters and words automatically in independent writing. 


To find out about how we teach writing at St Peter & St Paul please read out English Policy.




Author James Campbell
Author James Campbell
James Campbell visited our school to set us a story writing challenge.
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