Uniform Ordering Direct


By using this link you can order school uniform direct from the suppliers.


Parental Support at Maths

This link provides a comprehensive guide to supporting your children with calculations at home and matches the methods we use in school. No matter what year your child is in, we have the method to help you!


Parent Surveys

Thank you very much to all of the parents who completed our termly Parent Survey. The results are on the key information page of the website. We always welcome your views and ideas - the more we work together, the more successful your children will be!



SATS are nothing at all for you or your child to worry about! Please check out the link below if you are a parent of a child in Y2 or Y6, and don't forget, if you ever have any questions about SATS please feel free to come and speak to us!


Growth Mindset

This is fundamental to what we believe here at Carbrooke.

It's very simple - the harder you work, the more resilience that you show, the more successful you will be. You have to ask yourself: do you see getting something wrong as an opportunity to learn and when it happens do you work even harder to improve? If you do, you are showing a growth mindset! If you get something wrong and you give up and think that you'll never be able to do it then you have a fixed mindset and it is likely that you be less successful.

This website explains it very effectively - and this one talks about how you can use this information to support your child -


Online Safety

If you feel that you need any support or guidance about Online Safety, please come and speak to us here at school or use this very useful and informative online resource:


Ethos Group and Friends of Carbrooke

A message for all parents - if you would like to find out about the work that the Ethos Group does, or are interested in joining, please see Mr Cunningham for more information!

Similarly, if you would like to be involved in helping set up and run the Friends of Carbrooke group (who will be helping with fundraising events for the school) then he would love to hear from you!



If you would like to volunteer to help us here at the school please come in and speak with us - we welcome volunteers, the more the merrier! We would love adults to come in and listen to readers or support the class teachers in other, exciting ways. This could include special, one off projects and doesn't have to be a long term commitment! (Unless you want it to be!)


Homework (!)

If you are looking to further support your child's learning at home, and you've already done lots of reading together, check out these websites! (There are also lots of fun links on the Pupils page!)



If you would like any more information about the curriculum the school follows please ask at the school office to arrange a meeting with the relevant subject lead.



If you are looking for your child to start at St Peter & St Paul Carbrooke Church of England Primary Academy, please look at the admissions policy, contact the school office or Norfolk County Council admissions team. This will allow you to explore the process. Do give the office a call and arrange to come and have a look around.


Family Support

The above link is for parents who feel that they would like any help or support. We are always here at school when you need us, so please feel free to come and speak to any member of staff if you ever need to. This link is also very useful:


Key Term Dates

This link will take you to the Norfolk Schools Website where the information around term dates can be seen. A printed version of the academic year is available and is sent home at the start of each school year, but additional copies can be requested from the school office.



If you have any concerns about your child's eductaion or the progress they are making and think they may have a specific educational need, please speak to your child's class teacher or our SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator).


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